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Can I edit a subscription to add an addon?

I cannot add non-recurring addons to a subscription

How to enable “All addons created” to be applied to a plan?


Addons can always be included while creating or changing/editing a subscription. To charge non - recurring add-ons, use the Add Addon option on the Customer/Subscription details page.

If you are are not able to see the add-on in the list, likely;

  1. The Addon has been Archived (A deleted addon which is no longer in use except for the subscriptions linked to it. Cannot be reused for a subscription)

  2. Restricted addon is enabled (Only specific addons are made applicable to a plan/subscription)

  1. If you have allowed your customer to choose addons on the customer portal (please check if you have enabled the same under Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self serve portal > Portal)

To manage add-ons, 

  1. Go to Plan > Addons and click Add addons

  2. For “Recurring” type addon choose Optional, Recommended or Mandatory and Click Add

  3. For “Non-Recurring “ type addon choose any of the options listed below and click Add

  4. Go to Plan > Addons and click Manage

    1. To set all addons to a plan select “All addons are applicable” and click Apply

    2. To set specific addons to a plan select “Restricted addons” and click Apply.

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