What is the order type in which coupons are applied?

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I have a fixed amount coupon and a percentage coupon to be applied to a plan. What is the order in which the coupons are applied?

The discount amount is incorrect or does not match the coupons


Coupons can be added to any selected plan or add-ons to provide your users with special discounts and promotions. Chargebee lets you apply coupons to your customers in the following order type:

  1. Fixed Amount to specific items on the invoice

  2. Percentage of specific items on the invoice

  3. Fixed Amount to the Invoice Amount

  4. Percentage to the  Invoice Amount

This means when multiple coupon types are applied to a plan or addon, the coupon gets applied one by one in the above-said order.

For example, If you want to provide one fixed amount coupon and a percentage amount coupon, the fixed amount coupon gets applied first followed by the percentage amount coupon.

Here’s how the calculation goes,

  • 1st year billing phase 

Plan cost = $200

After applying a discount of $25, the cost is 200 - 25 = $175

Now, the 50% discount is applied to the remaining $175

The final cost is 175 - (50% of 215) = 175 - 100 = $75

And the customer is charged = $75

Note: You can also enable the multiple coupons of the same type feature as an alternative to this method. To do this contact support.

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