Why is my revenue figures are higher than what I receive in my bank

Modified on: Wed, 27 May, 2020 at 4:40 PM

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Why my invoice amount generated is not as same as that I receive in my account


The revenue that you receive in your bank account is lower than the amount that you have generated from an invoice in Chargebee. This is due to your gateway charges. The Gateway deducts their charges before depositing the funds to your physical bank account.

For example, Assume you have raised 100 dollars from an invoice for which the customer has paid you. 

The amount that you receive in your bank account is 96.85 dollars. The gateway charges a fixed amount as a percentage over the transaction. For a 100 dollar transaction, 3% could be a fixed charge along with 0.25 dollars as a transactional fee.

Chargebee is not involved in processing the payment, your gateway charges a fee to avail and uses avail their services. You can contact your gateway to talk about the fee structure for your gateway account. Eg; Stripe, Braintree, has a fixed amount with a small percentage that is deducted from the transaction that is processed. 

Also, the gateway fees involved may subject to vary from Gateway to Gateway, You can contact your gateway for more information on Payment Gateway charges.

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