Payment Failed but not updated in Chargebee

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This article covers 

Direct debit payment (Go Cardless) failed but tagged as successful in Chargebee

Reasons for failed direct debit transactions from the customer’s bank 

Chargebee’s maximum duration to record payments

Enable transaction status alerts in GoCardless


GoCardless or any direct debit payment service takes 3 days to process a Direct Debit transaction. Once the payment is successful the direct debit service communicates this to Chargebee. Chargebee then updates the invoice status to “Paid”.

At rare cases, the customer’s bank gets back with the direct debit payment service stating that the payment has failed despite the transaction being marked as success/settled due to the following reasons:

  • Insufficient funds

  • Bank account closed

  • Direct debit not enabled

  • Invalid Bank details etc.

To know more about this, click here.

Sometimes despite the transaction being marked as settled in GoCardless, there are chances of a return. Therefore, Chargebee checks in periodically with GoCardless to see if there are any returns (between 7-15 days). If there’s a change to the success status, an offline refund is recorded and the invoice status is changed to “Not Paid”. 

The status of the invoice will not be updated after 15 days irrespective of any change in the transaction status.

To manually update the Invoice status,

Follow the instructions with reference screenshots as stated below:

  1. Remove the payment made from the invoice.
  2. The existing payment will move as excess payment for the customer. 

  3. Go to, Excess payment > Transaction ID > Record Refund. Add a comment for future reference.
  4. You can use the Collect Now option to reinitiate the charge.

Note: For Direct Debits, if there are more than 3 failed Payment attempts the Direct Debit mandate will be canceled and will need to be reinstated for future paymentsUse the Request payment method.

To stay informed on GoCardless transaction status, Go to GoCardless Dashboard and click on Settings > Email notifications > Enable - Alerts

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