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Maximum API requests/ call?

What happens when I reach the API limit?

API limit for Chargebee Test environment.

What is the cost to use Chargebee's APIs?


There are no additional charges to use Chargebee's APIs, however, to ensure optimal app performance we regulate the API limits for TEST & LIVE sites as listed.

  • For TEST site the request limit is 150/minute for all request types, on exceeding the limit all request will be blocked.
    • The block will be removed automatically once they fall within limits.
  • For LIVE sites the request limit is 750/5minutes, on exceeding this limit
    • Your account will be flagged
    • You will be notified by email, (Owner, Admin & Emergency contact).
    • If we do not receive an acknowledgement all GET request will be blocked, POST requests will be accepted until we see fit.
    • Block will be removed after when requests are throttled with specified limits.

Do you have a scheduled activity and need a temporary API limit increase or looking to increase your default API limit, you can reach out to Chargebee support.