Charge /Invoice one-time fee in Chargebee

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How do I collect an additional fee over the subscription's charges?

Collect a charge between the subscription's billing date.


Chargebee allows you to raise an invoice for a customer/subscription for one-time or Adhoc charges that are not part of the regular subscription amount. , ie; a setup fee, one-time consultation.

You can use the Add-Charge or Add-Addon(Non-recurring) option to raise an invoice, depending on whether the Auto collection is "ON" and the card of file the payment will be processed.

Note: If Auto Collection is ON the payment method on file will be charged, if the payment fails or no payment is on file the charge invoice will not be created.

This article applies only to when the customer record already is in the system, to know how to set up one-time purchases Click Here.


You could use the Add Charge option under the Customer or Subscription tab to charge the one-time fee from the card on file. 
Kindly navigate to Customer >> Add Charge or Subscription >> Add Charge.

Please refer to the screenshot below:

You could also configure a non-recurring addon and you could charge this addon using the Add Addon option under the Subscription/Customer tab as shown below:

Note: one-time  adhoc charges would not be included  in the subscription's MRR. Refer to this link to know more about MRR calculations

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