Is it possible to regenerate a prorated invoice?

Modified on: Fri, 15 May, 2020 at 4:18 AM

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How to regenerate prorated invoice?


Currently, in Chargebee, a prorated invoice for the current term is not considered as a current term invoice. Since the regenerate option is only available for current term invoices, the option to regenerate will not be available for prorated invoices.

However, as a workaround, you could void the prorated invoice and then void the primary invoice whose credits were prorated. This would make sure that the regenerate option shows up.

Steps to regenerate an invoice

Step 1: Search for a subscription and select the Regenerate Invoice option.

Step 2: Choose a billing term

  1. Full Term - the invoice will be generated for the entire billing term

  2. Custom Period - select a specific period for which you want to regenerate the invoice.

Step 3: Configure the options for Custom Period:

  1. Choose a custom period for which you want to regenerate the invoice

  2. Choose Start and End date (ensure these dates are within the billing cycle).

  3. Choose to prorate the charges for that period or not

  4. Choose to invoice the charges immediately or add them to unbilled charges (if Consolidated Invoicing is enabled)


  1. The setup fee of a plan does not appear in the line items of the regenerated invoice.

  2. If you had enabled the option to hide zero-value line items in your site settings, an invoice will not be generated even if the subscription is in an Active state. In such cases, you do not see the option to regenerate the invoice.


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