How to Generate the hosted page URL?

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Note: If you are using PC 2.0, then refer to this article to create checkout URL.


You can manually generate a plan-specific checkout URL and embed this on your website. On click, customers would be directly taken to a checkout page in a new tab where they would be able to enter their payment information.

Here’s the syntax for generating the plan-specific checkout page URL

With the hosted page URL, you can pass additional customer and subscription information during sign up. These details need to be passed on to the hosted page URL while redirecting users to the hosted checkout page.


Here’s the syntax to specify plan quantity during sign up[plan_quantity]=number

NOTE: This applies only for plans with unit-based pricing model (Stairstep, Volume, Tiered)

Here’s the syntax to include addon during signup[id][0]=addon_id&addons[quantity][0]=number

NOTE: "[quantity][0]=number" is optional and can be used for quantity based addons.

Adding multiple parameters


To pass multiple parameters (whether it is subscription ID, plan quantity, addons or coupons) to the plan specific hosted page URL when creating a subscription, use an "&" symbol to separate parameters.


To illustrate, here is a sample URL for creating a subscription that includes subscription ID, plan quantity, addon with quantity and a coupon with each parameter separated by an "&" symbol: ?subscription[id]= &subscription[plan_quantity]=2&addons[id][0]= &addons[quantity][0]=2&subscription[coupon]=coupon-name

Completing the checkout process- Closing the session

Since the Checkout page is generated using a URL in a new tab, the only way to close the checkout page is by closing the browser tab.

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