Chargebee + Stripe ACH Credit Transfer.

Modified on: Mon, 6 Jan, 2020 at 6:07 PM



Reconciling offline payments with just the transaction information requires a lot of manual effort. Chargebee+ Stripe’s ACH credit transfer feature is going to make that process easier by creating a virtual bank account and automatically reconciling offline payments.

  1. Chargebee auto-generates a virtual bank account for each of your customers via Stripe
  2. The virtual bank accounts details are mentioned in the invoice (payment instructions) sent to your customer. 
  3. Customers can transfer the amount to this virtual bank account
  4. Chargebee receives the payment info from Stripe and reconciles the invoices (unpaid invoices are marked as paid automatically).


If your customers pay for multiple due invoices in bulk, then Chargebee is going to distribute the payments across invoices based on their date of creation (Old to New). The old invoice takes precedence over the recently generated invoice.

If your customer transfers excess payments to the virtual bank account, then Chargebee will issue excess credits for the customer and use it on the upcoming invoices.

If the customer is going to partially pay for invoices, then the invoice status is going to remain in Due status until the remaining amount has been deposited in the virtual bank account.

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