Is Chargebee a gateway?

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How does Chargebee process transactions?

Why do I need a gateway with Chargebee?

Role of Chargebee in processing card payments

Chargebee places itself between your website/web app and the payment gateway you use. 


The process related to the payment flow works as follows:



  1. Customers subscribe for a service through your website by entering their card details on the checkout page (The checkout page can either be hosted at your website or at Chargebee).

  2. Chargebee forwards the card details to the payment gateway for processing.

  3. The gateway passes the secure information to the processor of the merchant bank which in turn passes it on to the credit card network (MasterCard, Visa, etc.).

  4. The credit card network then routes the transaction to the card-issuing bank.

  5. The issuing bank authorizes the transaction based on certain factors like sufficient funds, the expiry date of the card etc. and then conveys the result of the transaction to the card network which in turn relays the results to the merchant bank processor and finally to the gateway.

  6. The gateway then delivers these results to Chargebee. In case of success, Chargebee displays a success message and records the transaction details. In case of a failure, Chargebee displays a corresponding error message.

  7. If the transaction is successful, the funds are settled to the merchant account and after a few days transferred to the business bank account of the merchant by the payment gateway.

Note: Chargebee is not a payment gateway by itself. We are a subscription management system that handles recurring billing ,invoicing and life cycle management for your customers.


We provide options to integrate with payment gateways in order to collect payments online using our recurring billing platform. Hence we work on top of payment gateways and provide integration with them.


Here’s a list of payment gateways we support by country.


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