How to apply coupon while creating a subscription?

Modified on: Mon, 24 Jul, 2023 at 4:17 PM

This article covers:

- Adding a coupon/discount to a subscription

If you are an Enterprise customer in PC 2.0 then we have a new Manual Discounting feature. Reach out to support to know more. 

Chargebee invoices automatically list all the subscription details as line items. This includes the plan, addons, and coupons that are included in the subscription.

In order to apply or show a discount on an invoice, you'd simply need to apply the coupon on the subscription before the invoice is generated. This is because once an invoice is generated, it cannot be modified.

For a new subscription(sign up), the coupon needs to be applied during the subscription creation or sign up the process. Depending on the method of subscription creation, here are a few ways to include a coupon :

  1. Including coupons on the checkout pages (Click here if you’re using V2 checkout)

  2. Via API, use the coupon_id input parameter

  3. For an existing subscription, you can include a coupon from the subscription details as in the screenshot below

  4. This coupon will be applied on the upcoming invoice.

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