Is it possible to have a single plan with different options for contract length?(such as 3 months, 6 months or forever).

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Yes, a single plan can be used to create subscriptions with different contract lengths. For this, the contract length can be set using the “Number of Billing Cycles” field in Chargebee. This field determines the default number of times the subscription is renewed automatically before cancellation. 

The Number of Billing Cycles field can be configured in two ways:

  1. When creating the plan - if you want all the subscriptions on this plan to have the same number of renewals(contract length).

  2. When creating a subscription - if you want a different number of renewals for each subscription.

To set the billing cycles while creating a plan, simply specify the number in the Create Plan page. Leaving this field blank would mean the subscription would renew forever unless you specify the number of billing cycles while creating a subscription.

To set the billing cycles while creating a subscription for the plan, 

  1. From the Web Interface:

            Set the number in the Create Plan page. If you leave this field blank, the number of billing cycles specified while creating the plan would be considered.  

  1. Using APIs - pass the number in the billing_cycles field.

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