How can I customize prices for some of my plans?

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Price Override

Changing a plan price


The price of a plan is usually set when it is created and the same price is applied to all the subscriptions created using this plan's price. 

You might have the need to negotiate your plan prices with some of your customers and apply a custom plan price for them. In such cases, it might not be feasible to create a new plan for each customer. There may be a use-case where you might go through a pricing change that needs to reflect for your new signups (sometimes even your existing ones)


Chargebee allows you to Price Override your product catalog. 

This feature allows you to 

  • Change the plan’s price while creating a subscription. So you can pass the customized price for the customer while creating a subscription for them, this will affect the specific subscription.
  • Change the price of the base plan. So that all new subscriptions created using this plan will have the new default price.

Follow the steps below to make customized prices for your plans:

1. Enable Price Override by navigating to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Billing LogIQ and check the “Allow Price Override” option.

Note: You can also override Tier range.Contact Support to enable Tier Override feature for your Chargebee Product Catalog 2.0 site. Click here to know more.

2. While creating a subscription, enter the custom price for the plan in the “unit price” field next to the plan as in the screenshot below.

3. If you’re creating a subscription using APIs, you can pass the custom price with the plan_unit_price param.

Note: The price that you configure for one subscription will not reflect on any other subscriptions. All other subscription will still be on the original plan price.

If you want to customize one-time payments cost then refer to this link

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