How do I connect my payment gateway to Chargebee?

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How to I check if my gateway is connected to Chargebee.

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  • How to make sure my Chargebee account can process payments.
  • How do I connect my gateway to Chargebee?
  • Doing a test transaction live Transactions.


  • The number of gateways you can connect to your account depends on the Chargebee plan you are on.
  • You can connect your sandbox gateway account to your Chargebee TEST site.

Connecting your payment gateway to Chargebee is simple, depending on the gateway you are using you can connect using your gateway login credentials (eg, Stripe, Braintree & GoCardless) & for some gateways you can will need to use the gateway account’s 3rd party credentials like the API/ secret keys.

Click the respective gateway links to know how to connect to each gateway

Once you have connected your gateway, we recommend that you do a test transaction by creating a customer record with a valid payment method (card/direct debit/PayPal) and doing an adhoc charge using an Add-Charge option. You can then refund the charge and delete the customer on file.

We do not recommend creating multiple test records in Chargebee.

Go to Customers » Create a New Customer (top right) » Add Charge.

Feel free to contact our support team at

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