What is Smart Dunning?

Modified on: Mon, 14 Jan, 2019 at 2:54 PM

The Dunning feature helps automatically retry payments for an invoice if the payment fails. You can enable Dunning for your account by navigating to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Dunning for Online/Offline Payments.

You can configure the Dunning settings for all 3 types of payments that Chargebee supports - online(card, e-wallet or PayPal), direct debit and offline payments.'

Note: For Direct Debits

  • Chargebee will attempt a maximum of 2 retries to collect payments in this case.
  • When the status of the transaction is "in_progress", Chargebee will not retry to collect the payment or send email notifications.

The Dunning settings allow you to configure the following settings:

  • The Dunning period - which is the duration for which Chargebee should retry payments for the customer.

  • The Dunning frequency - the number of days between each payment retry

  • The action to be performed on the invoice and the subscription after the Dunning retries are exhausted.

  • The automatic retry mode - you can configure either a custom frequency mode for the retries or Chargebee’s Smart Dunning feature.

Smart Dunning - 

Chargebee customizes the payment retry frequency based on logic derived from the analysis of past transaction data/pattern to achieve a better success rate. Chargebee will retry upto 12 times to collect the payment. Along with this, you could also specific days/dates to retry and collect the payment from your customer. To configure this, kindly contact support@chargebee.com.  

This feature is available only for the Scale plan and above. Here’s our Plans and Pricing page for more details.

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