How do I change my subscription status from Non-Renewing to Active?

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How to remove the fixed billing cycles for a subscription?

A subscription moves to the “Non-Renewing” status when it is on its last billing cycle. A Non-Renewing subscription automatically cancels at the end of the term.

For example, a monthly subscription with a total number of billing cycles of 12(months) would move from Active to Non-Renewing at the beginning of the twelfth month and cancel at the end of the twelfth month.

If your customer wishes to continue their subscription, you can change their subscription from Non-Renewing back to Active with the steps below:

  1. On the subscription details page, click on the Change Subscription button on the Actions panel.

  2. Clear the No. of billing Cycles field that is set as "0" (Leave Blank).

  3. Click "Change Subscription”

How to remove the fixed billing cycles for a subscription?

The Change Subscription option can also be used to change the existing number of billing cycles.

If you want the subscription to renew forever, you can leave the “No. of Billing Cycles” field blank.

Via the APIs:

You can use the Remove Scheduled Cancellation API to revert the subscription to Active or In Trial state, whichever is the state before cancellation was scheduled.

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