How to remove the payments linked to an invoice?

Modified on: Mon, 11 May, 2020 at 9:22 AM

You might need to remove the payments linked to an invoice for the following reasons:

- if the invoice was generated incorrectly and you’d like to Void or Delete the invoice. 

- if the charges/credits were applied incorrectly to an invoice

The linked payment can be removed on the invoice page under Invoices & Credit Notes > Invoices > Choose the 'Invoice' > scroll down to Payments and Credits section > click on the down arrow > Choose the 3 dots onto the right > Remove

The Remove option gets displayed on the Invoice page as shown below, 



  • When you remove Payments linked to an invoice, it will be added to the customer’s Excess Payments balance which will be automatically applied to the next invoice generated for the customer.

  • If credits applied to the invoice are removed, they will be added back to the credits balance for the customer and will be applied automatically to the next invoice.

  • If the customer’s Auto collection is ON, the invoice status will change to Not Paid when the payments are removed. If Auto Collection is OFF, the invoice status will change to Payment Due.

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