How do I create a Custom Field in my Chargebee account?

Modified on: Mon, 21 Jan, 2019 at 11:12 PM

Chargebee provides some default fields that can be used to store subscription-related information. The default fields include:

  • Customer’s Billing and Shipping address

  • Subscription and Plan details

  • Card details

Besides these, you can also create Custom Fields to keep track of additional information about the subscriptions or customers. To create a custom field, head to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Custom Fields. There are different types of custom fields that you can choose based on the type of data you’d like to store in them. The supported custom field types are:

  1. Single line text

  2. Multiline text

  3. Dropdown

  4. Checkbox 

  5. URL

  6. Email

  7. Date picker

  8. Timestamp

  9. Numbers

 You can also choose the resource level at which you’d like to create the custom field using the drop-down as in the screenshot below. The resources for which you can create custom fields are -

  • Customer

  • Subscription

  • Plan

  • Addon

Note: The user needs to have access to the Test site to be able to create custom fields. The Custom fields need to be created on the Test site and pushed to the Live site. Once you create the custom fields, on your Test site, you can use the Push to Live button. The custom fields will then be available on your LIVE site. 

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