What can I do if the apple pay domain verification fails?

Modified on: Thu, 13 Dec, 2018 at 1:03 PM

Chargebee now supports Apple Pay through Stripe/ Braintree payment gateways. Refer to this doc for details on the configuration.

Once you configure Apple pay in your gateway account and enable Apple Pay for the checkout pages, Chargebee will register your Site/domain name in your Stripe/Braintree account automatically. This is required by the gateway to authorize Apple Pay payment.

Sometime the domain verification could fail.
Why does domain verification fail?

  1. Changing your site's domain - Since your site's URL is registered in Stripe, a change in the domain will impact the setup. Contact support@chargebee.com in such cases to get the new domain registered.
  2. Setting up Custom Domain for checkout pages after setting up Apple Pay - Contact support@chargebee.com  to update the domain name in Stripe.

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