Is there any option to stop a subscription.?

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This article covers:

Pausing a subscription

Billing cycles for plan, subscription and add-ons

Subscriptions renewals are automatic on Chargebee, based on the Plan’s frequency (weekly/monthly/annual) renewals will take place indefinitely. 

There are 2 options to do this:

  • Limiting the number of billing cycles.
  • Pause Subscription.

Limited Billing Cycles.

The number of renewals can be limited using the Billing Cycle count, meaning the denoted number of renewals will take place after which the subscription will automatically be cancelled.

Usually, the plans are set to renew indefinitely, so the number of billing cycles is not specified. 

How to stop a subscription?

Billing cycles can be limited in 2 ways, on the Plan or Subscription level.

If you want a default number of renewals for all subscriptions that purchase a plan to end after a fixed number of renewals, you can specify this in the plan’s Number of Billing cycles field(Product Catalog>Plans>Create a new Plan). This way all the subscriptions on this plan will cancel automatically at the end of the terms specified.

You could also specify the number of billing cycles for a subscription at the time of creation so that only that one subscription cancels after this period(Subscriptions > Create a new subscription/Edit Subscription). You could also specify the number of billing cycles for an add-on. Here’s more.

In both the above options, the subscription would cancel, thus causing churn


Limited billing cycle count cannot be removed through APIs, eg; a subscription with 2 billing cycles cannot be removed but can be edited.

Subscriptions on the last renewal will move to a non-renewing status.

Pause Subscription

Alternatively, you could also Pause the subscription. This will stop the renewals however the subscription will not cancel. You could resume the subscription when required or as per the pause subscription settings.

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