Unauthorized Charges on your card.

Modified on: Thu, 23 May, 2019 at 8:04 AM

This topic is to address the following questions.

You have unauthorized charges on your card/bank.
You are charged even though your subscription(s) are cancelled.
You are being charged but not receiving the service/product.

You have not signed up for any service with the merchant, but you are seeing charges on your card.


Chargebee is a subscription management system which will handle all recurring billing, invoicing and user lifecycle management. We work on top of payment gateways

so that payments are automatically processed based on the subscriptions.

Chargebee, as a service provider, are not authorized to edit or make changes to end-customer (like yourself) records/subscriptions.


Try reaching out to the merchant as they are the people charging you and can help you out.
Contact your Bank to raise a dispute or block charges to form the respective merchant.
If all else fails reach out to Chargebee Support team.

Our team will help you contact the merchant, if we are unable to connect with the merchant in 5-7 business days, we will ensure that you are not charged in the future, for charges in the past you will need to raise a dispute with your bank.

Please Note:

Chargebee is not responsible for charges that have been processed. We will ensure that you are not charged in the future if there is on action from the merchant.
When we contact the merchant, we allow 5-7 business days from the date you contacted us, before we can take action. 

If your renewal date is within this period, you will be charged again, and you will need to take this up with your bank.

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