What is the signup flow in Chargebee?

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How do I connect a Chargebee with my website?

What is the signup flow in Chargebee?


Chargebee offers the flexibility to configure different signup flows based on your requirements. This can be achieved by choosing one of the different integration options.

The API-based integration option allows you to tailor the sign-up flow based on your use case and workflow. You can find our tutorials HERE.

If you’re looking for minimal implementation effort, you can go with the checkout page-based integration, where Chargebee takes care of everything for you. Click Here.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. The customer selects a subscription plan on your website

  2. Once they hit the Subscribe/Checkout button, the Chargebee checkout popup appears.

In-App Checkout

Full-Page Checkout

  1. Here, customers can enter their account, billing, and payment details and confirm their subscription. The information you capture can be configured in the checkout page settings. (Settings » Configure Chargebee » Checkout & Self-Serve Portal » Fields)

  1. Once this is done, a subscription and a customer record are created in Chargebee.

  2. Subsequently, Chargebee would automatically invoice the customer, collect payment and renew the customer’s subscription.

Please refer to the demo video for reference.

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