Coupon Sets

Coupon codes can be very useful if you're running campaigns and need a large amount of promo codes. So rather than creating hundreds of coupons in Chargebee, you can create a single coupon, configure its behavior and upload your coupons codes in bulk to it.

Coupon codes are collectively referred to as coupon sets. All the coupon codes in a coupon set will have the same behavior as the main coupon they're linked to.

You can upload your own list of coupon codes in a CSV file by navigating to Product Catalog > Coupon Sets > Upload Coupon Codes.

Click Here to know how to create coupons.

A coupon set will attached to an existing coupon on Chargebee, a coupon code is a unique code that can be used once before it expires, however it will apply discounts as per the master coupon. This functionality can be used restrict customers to reuse a coupon for the second time. 

Here’s a sample set of coupon codes after the upload:

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Coupon Codes

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