Can we have multiple subscriptions in Chargebee?

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This article covers:

  • Creating multiple subscriptions for a customer

  • Multiple purchases with different billing dates.

  • Is it possible to create a subscription with multiple plans?


You can certainly create multiple subscriptions for a single customer in Chargebee.

When multiple products need to be purchased & charged independently as separate subscriptions multiple subscriptions will need to be maintained.

Subscriptions can be created using our hosted pages, APIs & through the Chargebee web interface. In all instances, the customer record will need to be in present in Chargebee.

Each subscription can have only one plan in Chargebee.

However, depending on your use-case, multiple products can be added to one subscription as add-ons. You can create addons (recurring) with the same characteristics as the plan and you can create the subscription with a plan and add multiple addons to the subscription. It is possible to add more than one addon to a subscription. 

You can also configure the addons as applicable addons to the plan so that the addon is always attached to the plan and need not be separately added. You can learn more about this here


From the web interface:

Open an existing customer record under the Customers tab and use the Create New Subscription button on the actions panel on the right to create an additional subscription for the customer.

Using APIs:

You can use the Create Subscription for Customer API to create additional subscriptions for a customer, by passing an existing customer_id.

For this, the customer record will need to be created in Chargebee at the time the Create Subscription for Customer API is called.

From the Checkout Pages:

Existing customers can sign up for a second subscription from the checkout pages too. To enable this option, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self-Serve Portal and enable the “Allow customers to have multiple subscriptions”.

Chargebee validates existing customers using their email addresses. When an existing customer enters their email address, Chargebee sends a One Time Password(OTP) to this email address to verify their identity. On entering the OTP, their existing billing and payment data will load so the customers do not need to enter it again. They can hit confirm and an additional subscription is created.

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