What gateways does Chargebee support?

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Gateways supported by Chargebee.

What are the payment methods offered by Chargebee?

In order to process payments online through Chargebee, you would need to integrate with a payment gateway that is supported in the country where you are incorporated.

Chargebee supports over 20 payment gateways across 150+ countries. You can find the list of gateways supported in your country - https://www.chargebee.com/payment-gateways/

You can also use our Gateway Evaluator to decide which gateway is most suitable for your business - 

Payment methods supported:

Chargebee supports different payment methods including;

Card Payments

Direct Debit / ACH


Amazon Pay

Apple Pay. 

The number of gateways you can add to you Chargebee account depends on the pricing plan you are on. Here’s our Pricing Page for more details - https://www.chargebee.com/pricing/

Note: You can still use Chargebee without a supported gateway, however, payments will need to be collected outside of Chargebee and can be recorded against the respective invoices through the Chargebee UI or APIs.

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