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How to collect partial payments for a due invoice?

How to record partial payments for a due offline invoice?

Chargebee allows you to collect partial payments for a due invoice. Here’s how you can do this:

For Online Payments (processed through Chargbee).

Customers who have a payment method (card, ACH, direct debit) on file, but the auto collection is set to OFF Chargebee will attempt a payment 

You can use the Collect Now button on the ‘Actions’ panel of the invoice details page. Here you can enter either the full or a partial amount to collect for the due invoice.

For Offline Payments (Not-processed through Chargebee), you can use the Record Payment option to record the full or a partial payment for the due invoice.

This is also possible if you are using our APIs.

Partial payments using API:

Collect Payments for an Invoice -

Record an invoice payment -

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