How to generate an invoice for a customer?

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How are invoices generated in Chargebee?

How to generate invoices manually?

How to add one-time charges in an invoice?

Chargebee allows you to create 2 types of invoices - Recurring and One-Time

Recurring invoices are automatically generated for subscriptions based on the plan’s billing frequency(weekly, monthly, and yearly). No manual intervention is required for invoices generated during renewals unless Metered Billing is enabled.

Note: If you are using Product Catalog 2.0 with metered billing feature enabled, then you can close the invoice manually as well as automatically based on the feature configurations set. Refer to this link to know more.  

You can view the list of invoices generated for a customer/subscription under the Invoices tab. You can apply filters to get the list of subscriptions for specific customer/subscription ID or other criteria.

Ad-hoc/ One-time Invoices:

Besides the recurring invoices, Chargebee allows you to collect non-recurring charges from customers by generating a one-time invoice. This can be done two ways either by you (merchant) or by your customer. 

By the merchant: 

Option 1: You can manually do this from the customer/subscription details page using the Add Charge or the Add Addon option.

Option 2: You can also generate a one-time invoice using the APIs listed below:

By your customer: 

The feature release on Feb 2021 for one-time payments checkout allows your customer to do one-time purchases from checkout directly. In this case, the invoice is generated automatically.

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