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Can the invoice fields be changed after an invoice is generated?

How to add a discount to an already generated invoice?

Can the customer address be added/modified once the invoice is generated?

The fields displayed on an invoice are of two types

 - the invoice line items that are automatically added to the invoice based on the subscription details

- the additional information about the customer(address, VAT number, custom fields) and the subscription(invoice notes, custom fields) that you can choose to display on the invoice

You can customize the invoice fields based on your requirement. The invoice customization settings are available under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Customize Invoice & Credit Notes. Refer to this solution article for the list of customization options available for the invoices.

However, note that it is not possible to modify an invoice once it is generated. This is because the invoice includes payment and tax-related details and which cannot be modified after being generated. 

How to add a discount to an invoice?

To include a discount to an invoice, you’d need to apply the coupon to the subscription before the invoice is generated. A coupon cannot be applied to an existing invoice. 

A discount can either be applied by the customer on the checkout page or from their customer portal account(existing subscription). You(the merchant) can apply the discount to the subscription from the admin console using the Coupon button on the actions panel of the subscription page.

How to fix an incorrectly generated invoice:

If the invoice was generated incorrectly or if you missed applying a coupon/subscription change, you can use the Regenerate Invoice option. This option is available only for the current term invoice.

To use this option, first you’d need to “Void” the existing invoice. Next make the desired changes to the subscription. You can then use the “Regenerate Invoice” option on the subscription details page to generate a new invoice.

Can the customer address be added/modified once the invoice is generated?

You can use the Update Invoice Address option on the invoice page, to can change the billing and shipping addresses for individual invoices.

- This action will only change the address details linked to the particular invoice and not the billing or shipping address linked to the customer or subscription.
- If you have enabled the taxation feature for your site, the region cannot be changed using this option if the tax rate calculated is dependent on the location, as the tax rate applied would change. 

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