How to customize invoices in Chargebee?

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"How to customize the invoices in Chargebee?

Can the invoice title be customized?

Can the layout of the invoice be changed?"


Chargebee allows you to customize the content that appears on the invoices to suit your requirements.

Here’s the list of changes you can make to your invoice and credit note PDFs. To make these changes, head to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Customize Invoices and Credit Notes.

You could select to either enable or disable the various fields (including custom fields) that you see here as shown in the screenshot below. 

Note: This is a site-wide setting and cannot be customized on a per-invoice/per-customer basis. 

  1. Organization address format

You can display your organization address in any of the below formats

  • Single Line

  • Expanded

  • Custom

  1. Common Fields

The below fields can be displayed on the invoice as required:

  •  Customer ID & Subscription ID

  • Billing address and customer VAT number

  • Shipping address

  • Payments & Refund

  1. Signature

You can add a handwritten signature to invoice/credit note PDFs. You may upload an image of the signature and add the name to be shown below it.

  1. Invoice Fields

The below fields can be displayed on the invoice as required:

  • Title and Invoice Number

You may choose the invoice title to be either “Invoice” or “Tax Invoice”. You can set the invoice number to start from a specific number or sequence. Here’s more.

  • Status

  • Billing Period

  • Next Billing Date

  • Custom Field

  • Payment Instructions

  • Notes

  1. Payment Instructions

For Offline Payments, you can include Bank Transfers, PayPal and ACH Credit Transfer details on the invoice. Here’s more on this.


  • Though you can modify the content that can be displayed on the invoice, the Invoice layout cannot be modified at the moment. 

  • You can also hide Chargebee’s brand text ("Powered by Chargebee") from your invoices, hosted payment pages, and customer portal under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Billing LogIQ. This option will not be available on Chargebee’s New Business(Launch) Plan.

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