How to integrate Amazon Payments with Chargebee?

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How Amazon Payment can be integrated with Chargebee.

API for setting up Amazon Pay as a payment method

Where is the Amazon Payments Login?

Amazon Payments is supported as a payment method in Chargebee. 

To link your Amazon account,

  1. Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateways.

  1.  In your Amazon account, you need to configure your settings to allow checkout through a 3rd party shopping cart. To do this, log in to your Amazon Seller Central and select Amazon Payments Advanced.

Here configure your "Integrator URL" and configure "Allowed JavaScript Origins" and include Chargebee’s checkout and portal URLs.

Once you set this up, Amazon Payments will appear as a payment method on your Chargebee checkout pages.

API based Integration:

If you are integrated to Chargebee using our APIs, here are the steps you need to follow to use Amazon Payments:

  1. Integrate your site with Amazon Payments (Login & Pay with Amazon)

            -  Chargebee uses the billing agreement ID of Amazon Payments to automatically collect future payments. 

            - Follow the steps mentioned in this document to integrate with Login and Pay with Amazon.

  1. Configure your Amazon Payments settings in Chargebee(refer to the steps mentioned above).

  1. Push Billing Agreement ID obtained from Amazon to Chargebee

            - In the case of an API based integration, the ling agreement is directly created on Amazon payment’s end without communicating with Chargebee. 

            - Hence you’d need to push the billing agreement ID to Chargebee for it to process future payments automatically. 

            - The Billing Agreement id can be passed to Chargebee with the payment_method[reference_id] parameter, using any of the following APIs:

                1. Create a Subscription API 

                2. Create a Customer API 

                3. Update Payment Method for a Customer API 


  1. Amazon Payments is currently supported for merchants in the United States only.

  2. Only supports card-based payments using your customers' Amazon buyer account. Bank or other payment methods are not accepted with Chargebee.

  3. The only supported currency for Amazon Payments is USD.

  4. iframe tags are not supported. If you are using Chargebee Checkout you will have to add the following in the Header Script.  data-cb-redirect-mode-enabled="true"

  5. Currently supported only on the Checkout Pages V2 

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