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Coupon sets

Promotions and incentives play a key factor in driving customers towards a product and in boosting sales. And one way of doing this is by using coupons.

Chargebee gives you the flexibility and ease of providing buyers with discounts, promotions and special offers with coupons.

These coupons can be used any time and the discounts will be applied to the next invoice.

Coupons can be created in Chargebee to offer discounts on purchases. we currently support types of coupons :

  1. Percentage 

  2. Fixed Amount

You can be created to apply a subscription on the entire invoice amount or to specific items on an invoice(such as only the plan or only the addons).

This needs to be configured at the time the coupon is being created.

Coupon Duration

The duration of the coupon is also defined at the time the coupon is created. The duration defines how long a discount should apply to a subscription once it’s added.

  1. One Time - will apply on the next immediate invoice at the time it’s added.

  2. Forever - discount will apply until it’s removed from the subscription.

  3. Limited Period - Will apply for a fixed number of months.

Coupon Validity

The validity of a coupon is to determine the expiry of the coupon. Validity can be limited to a specific date (eg; a new discount) or number of redemptions (eg, first 10 customers).


A coupon code that is once used on a subscriptions can be used again on the same subscription provided the coupon code is valid.

To make coupon codes unique you will need to use Coupon Sets.

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