How can I pass coupon directly to the checkout page, without the users having to enter it manually?

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How to pass coupon id on the checkout URL?

How to create a checkout URL?


For V2 checkout pages: 

If you want to pass a discount code to the checkout page URL, just make use of the following syntax:[coupon]=coupon_name


Here's a sample URL for reference:[coupon]=CBDEMO_SAVER

For V3 checkout pages:

If you are an Enterprise customer in PC 2.0, there is a new manual discounting feature. Reach out to to know more. 

You can include a coupon code in the checkout script so that it is automatically applied. It can be done similarly to the example mentioned in the "Add-on customizations" section in this document. The script code to include coupons is mentioned below.

var cbInstance = Chargebee.getInstance();

var link = document.querySelectorAll(“[data-cb-type=checkout]“)[0];

var product = cbInstance.getProduct(link);

product.addCoupon(“COUPON NAME”);

Also, every plan details page in PC 2.0 has a dynamic payment URL on each price point page, making it incredibly simple for you to share a payment link. Navigate from the Product Catalog > Plans index page > Plan details page > Customer-Facing Info > Get Payment Link. You just have to add the Coupon to the plan and it will create a checkout link with the coupon attached.

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