What is an SPF Record and how do I add it?

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 Sometimes emails from Chargebee may be marked as SPAM by your customer’s email servers.

This happens because your customer’s email server does not know that you are using chargebee.com to send emails on your behalf. You can easily correct this by creating an SPF record (Sender Policy Framework record) in your DNS Server.

In simple terms by creating an SPF record you are authorizing Chargebee to send emails (notification emails) with @<your-domain>.com email address.

If you already have a TXT or SPF Record

  • Edit the TXT or SPF Record
  • Include the value " include:email.chargebee.com " before the "~all" similar to the below
  • v=spf1 include:email.chargebee.com ~all

If you do not have a TXT or SPF Record, you should create a new one with the following specifications:

  • Domain should be your "domainname.com"
  • set TTL to "300"
  • set the TXT record as "v=spf1 include:email.chargebee.com ~all"

To learn more about SPF records click here.

Instructions to create an SPF record in GoDaddy

After a few minutes (usually 5 to 10 minutes) you can verify if the setting is effective by checking in one of these sites:

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