Can I add multiple subscriptions to a single invoice?

Modified on: Mon, 21 Jan, 2019 at 11:58 AM

If a single customer has multiple subscriptions, you can enable the Consolidated Invoicing feature to group all the subscription charges in a single invoice instead of sending multiple invoices to the customer.


  1. To enable this feature for your Chargebee site, contact

  2. This feature is available on the Rise Plan and above.

  3. Currently, consolidated Invoices does not work when Metered Billing is enabled in your Chargebee site.

How does Consolidated Invoicing work?

Invoices can be consolidated only for the subscriptions renewing on the same day. You can use the Calendar Billing feature to sync the renewal dates for subscriptions.

Once our support team enables this feature on your account, navigate to Settings >  Configure Chargebee > Billing Rules > Consolidated Invoicing for further operations. Here you can choose to group invoices for subscription with different PO numbers and Shipping Address.

By default, Chargebee will group charges by the following:

- Currency: 
Invoices can be grouped for invoices in the same currency.

- Payment Method: Charges for a particular payment method will be grouped together in a single invoice. Separate invoices will be created for different payment methods. 

- Auto-Collection status: Separate invoices will be created for Auto Collection “On” and “Off”.

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