Is it possible to charge an invoice in two installments?

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Collecting partial charge on an invoice

Partial payments for invoices can be collected through the Chargebee UI or APIs manually using the "Collect Now" or "Record Payment" (for offline payments). However, when auto collection is "ON" (with payment details on file) the system will attempt to collect the whole outstanding amount for an invoice.

You can collect a partial payments for an invoice if the Auto Collection status is set to “Off” (with payment details on file). 

If the customer record does not have a payment method on file/Auto collection "OFF", you are collection payments by other means outside of the Chargebee environment, you can use the "Record Payment" option on this invoice to log a partial payment. 

Navigate to the invoice for which you’d like to collect the installments. Click the Collect Now button on the right panel. Here you can enter the required partial charge that you wish to collect. The remaining amount can be collected later using the same steps. 

Note that it wouldn’t be possible to collect more than the invoice due amount. 

API users can use the Collect payment for an invoice API for the same operation as above. 

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