How do I migrate subscriptions from a different billing system to Chargebee while using Stripe as my payment gateway?

Modified on: Tue, 5 Mar, 2019 at 11:44 AM

This article covers the migration process if you are currently managing your subscriptions on a different billing system or an in-house billing system while using Stripe (or any other support Payment Gateway) for payments and now you'd like to move your subscription management to Chargebee and continue using Stripe for payments.

We have a dedicated migration team who will take care of the migration process for you. Here’s an outline of the steps involved:


  1. Enable your Chargebee live site and connect it with your Stripe account.

  2. Setup your Chargebee TEST and LIVE sites by creating your Plans, Add-ons, and Coupons. You can learn more about setting up your web interface here.

  3. Once you've made all the required configurations in Chargebee, test your signup flow to ensure you have everything covered. 

  4. New Sign up Note: You need to be taking new signups through Chargebee before initiating the migration so that no record is lost.

  5. 3rd Party Integrations: All connected 3rd party apps like SalesForce, QuickBooks & Xero should be disconnected during the migration and migrated customers to mapped later.

  6. To migrate existing subscription data, submit a migration request to us from your Chargebee site by going to Settings > Import & Export Data > Raise a migration request.

Migration Process:

  1. Once we receive your migration request, we will send a data sheet where you can add your Subscription data from your existing billing platform. Chargebee imports data using a CSV file in a predefined format. So we would require you to add the subscription data that you export from your system in the format in the sheet we share with you.

  2. We will also send a migration checklist with instructions on getting your Chargebee account setup for the migration.

  3. Ensure that the IDs (plan ID, coupon ID, and addon ID) that you mentioned in the CSV should match the IDs in your Chargebee TEST and LIVE sites. 

  4. After you have added all your subscription data to the sheet and ticked everything off of the checklist, we will attempt importing the subscription data to your TEST site for you to review. 

  5. Note that data imported into your TEST site will contain slightly modified email addresses to ensure that your Customers do not accidentally get an email during the import. We will also map the card details, so you will be able to see the last 4 digits, card type, and expiration date in Chargebee to help you with the verification.

  6. Once you have reviewed the data and given us the go-ahead, the Subscriptions will then be imported into your LIVE site and we will also map them to the card details in Stripe.

  7. You can then cancel the subscription in your existing system to avoid double billing the customers.

What data can be migrated?

  • The imported data will only include the Subscription and Customer details along with the current term Invoices.

  • The current term Invoices of the active subscriptions will be imported and that will be based on the current line items of the subscription. This is to help with the proration calculation for the upcoming Invoices in Chargebee. Please note any upgrade or downgrade charges on these Invoices in the previous system will not reflect in Chargebee. Also, refunds cannot be processed on these Invoices.

  • For past term invoices, you can reach out to your Account Executive.



  • Migrations usually take 5 to 8 business days to complete from the date the data is received and the checklist is completed. This may vary depending on available migration slots, the number of records, data validation, and review by both you and us. We’ll be able to provide a timeline after we receive the data.

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