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Minimum Transaction values

Error - Amount must convert to at least 50 cents

When a charge/invoice less than 0.50 USD is generated for a subscription, the invoice will be created and the payment attempt will be made. However due a restriction on the gateways end the transaction will fail with the error “ Amount must convert to at least 50 cents.” and the invoice will be unpaid (enter dunning), 

The minimum amount for processing a transaction through Stripe in USD is $0.50 and the maximum amount for a single charge is $999,999.99. Click Here for other currencies.

Note: please check with your respective gateway for their minimum & maximum transactions limits

Invoices are usually generated for such charges when there is a change in the subscription and a proration is calculated.

As per Chargebee's behaviour invoices will be generated. But due to the restriction on the gateway’s end, Chargebee cannot control these failures.

A suggestion would be to add these charges to the next invoice for the customer.

  • If you are doing it via UI, you can preview your invoice when you make changes. If it has a charge lesser than the threshold supported by Stripe, add it to unbilled charges instead of invoicing. Please check this video on how it works.
  • If you are doing it via API,  you can pass the parameter " Invoice Immediately" as false when you call the Update a Subscription API, so that any amount charged by making changes to the existing subscription, will be added to the next invoice. 

  • You can enable the option to round off invoice that will generate an invoice to the closest whole number.

The transaction amount may vary based on the currency in which you are processing the transactions. For more information on the allowed minimum and maximum transaction amount, kindly refer to this link.

Feel Free to contact Chargebee support for more information.

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