I'm moving to a new Stripe account in Chargebee. What are the steps to be followed?

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This article covers:

The migration process for switching your Stripe account linked the Chargebee

Moving card information from one Stripe account to another

This article explains the migration process for the scenario below:

  • If your Chargebee account is already linked to a Stripe account 

  • You have now created a new Stripe gateway account

  • You’d like to link this new account in Chargebee

The first step in the migration process would be for you to un-link the existing Stripe account in your Chargebee account and connect the new one under the payment gateway settings. For this,

  • Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateways > Add a Gateway and choose Stripe and sign in to your Stripe account. This will link it to your Chargebee account.

  • Next, ensure that the new Stripe account is set as the default gateway for the checkout pages in the Smart Routing configuration under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateways(under Billing) > Manage Rule (on the right). 

Once you add the new Stripe account, all the new signups will directly go to this account. 

The existing customers' card information, on the other hand, would still be stored in your old Stripe account.
They need to be moved to the new Stripe account and the new payment tokens should be mapped with the respective customer accounts in Chargebee.

Note:  Click here to read more about moving card details to a new stripe account.

Here’s the process involved in switching Stripe accounts in your Chargebee site.


1. Set Auto Collection "OFF" for all your customers to avoid payment failures while switching the account. 

Note: During the migration process, payments will not be collected, they can be re-initiated after the migration is complete.

2. Remove the old Stripe account and configure the new account.
3. Perform a test transaction with the new Stripe account to ensure it is configured correctly.

Now all the new subscriptions will start going through Stripe
4. For existing customer data, raise a request to Stripe asking them to migrate all the customers who are using the old Stripe account. Also, while raising a request, do request Stripe to retain the customer IDs for easier mapping of customers.
5. Next, provide an export of your customers' data with the card details from your old Stripe account. We'll prepare a sheet to map the cards in the new account with the customers' details.
6. Review the sheet on your end.
7. Once Stripe completes the migration(Step 4), notify us and we'll update the payment method for your customers using the sheet prepared in Step 6.
8 . After we run the update, you can turn Auto Collection ON for all your customers to continue processing payments.


  • Before you start this process, contact Stripe and kindly ask them for the timeline to complete Step 4. This would help you plan the migration better.

  • Migrations usually take 5 to 8 business days to complete from the date the data is received and the checklist is completed. This may vary depending on available migration slots, the number of records, data validation, and review by both you and us. We’ll be able to provide a timeline after we receive the data.

Do it yourself

You could also perform the migration on your end if you are familiar with Chargebee’s APIs or Bulk Operations. The Bulk Operations/APIs actions cannot be reversed so we strongly recommend that you try this on your Test site to ensure it works as required.

To perform the migration by yourself, perform steps 1-4 from the Prerequisites. Next, you can update the customer’s payment method tokens from the new Stripe account using the Update Payment Method for customer API or bulk operation. Finally, perform step 8.

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