When you set up a new Stripe account and configure it in Chargebee, all the new sign ups will directly go to this new account.

However, your existing customers' payment information would still be stored in your old Stripe account. So, they need to be moved to the new Stripe account and then remapped with the respective customer accounts in Chargebee for the payments to go through successfully. 

If there are only a few customers, you could use our "Request payment method" option to send an email to your customers and ask them to re-enter their payment information. Ensure that you’ve set the new Stripe account as the default one under your gateway rules(Settings>Site Settings>Payment Gateways>Smart Routing).

However, if you do not want to request the customers to update their payment information again, here’s what you need to do.

  1. You would first need to raise a request to Stripe to move the customers' cards to your new Stripe account vault. Also, ensure you request them to retain the customer IDs so that the mapping can be done easily.

  2. Set Auto Collection to “Off” for the existing customers so that the renewals are not affected due to payment failure during the card movement.

  3. Once Stripe moves the cards to your new account, you’d need to get an export from Stripe with the customer - card mapping. 

  4. Next, you can use our "Update customers payment method" bulk operation to map this cards (in the new vault) to the respective customers in Chargebee. 

  5. When you do the bulk update, any invoice generated in “Payment Due” state(due to Auto Collection set to “Off”) during this period would be collected automatically. 

  6. Turn Auto Collection back to “On” so that the further renewals happen automatically.