Here's a quick summary of why building Chargebee on top of Stripe can make a big difference in implementing your billing requirements. 

1. When you are starting off, the needs are very less that you may find comparative advantages to be very less, due to the visibility of use cases for a subscription business.

2. When you expand, even small things like "I would like to Pay with PayPal" from a European customer, "Send me an invoice to get approval, and I will wire the annual payment" from a big customer, requires developer intervention to think of a solution and let your support/ sales/finance to take over.

3. And then the data needs to stay consolidated, for reporting of SaaS Metrics / fed from multiple sources/spreadsheets.

All these small exceptions keep adding to overheads, related to billing, just the way you can do support on top of Gmail when you are small.

We bring the best of Chargebee + Stripe, with a $50k FREE tier to get started at an idea stage and then add value when you scale with paid tiers. - Cards tokenized in Stripe. Data portability is assured by Chargebee and Stripe.- Card updater, RADAR (fraud check) can be leveraged.- Use Stripe.js or Chargebee hosted pages / API / both. - Invoicing, Credit Notes, deeper Accounting integration etc., take care of finance use cases.- Basic metrics reporting with role-based access.

Also, we continuously release features required for subscription business use cases. Here is a quick overview of features released & upcoming features.

Most importantly, we provide highly responsive support, that acts as an extended billing team for your internal team. Even small things "how-to" questions related to discount, coupons, how to create a special price for customer etc., become a distraction for developers throughout. 

And you know what? We provide this support across all the plans :)