What does Chargebee offer that Stripe doesn't?

Modified on: Fri, 18 Jan, 2019 at 2:16 PM

Here’s what Chargebee brings to the table when you use it on top of Stripe 

When you have a SaaS company, you will want more flexibility in terms of managing advanced billing use cases- will you support both online and offline payments? And how will you take care of offline payments and making sure it’s recorded in your accounting software?

Process Payments Easily

Chargebee lets you track offline payments so that your MRR isn’t thrown off. Not only that, you can map coupons to plans and add-ons with Chargebee. You can even clone, archive or delete coupons as needed. And in case of failed payments, Chargebee supports up to 12 retries. You can also customize the frequency of sending email notifications regarding payment retries to your customers. 

And when your customers want to pay a part of the amount now and pay the remaining later, Chargebee supports collecting and recording partial payments.

With Chargebee, you don’t need to worry about the risk to your business with payment gateway lock-ins. Supporting 30+ payment gateways, you can always migrate your subscription data to another gateway. 

Handle Subscription Changes and Invoicing Use-cases

On top of all this, add flexibility in subscription management and invoice actions. From pausing, reactivating a subscription, creating a future subscription, giving your customers the option to gift a subscription to consolidated invoicing- Chargebee has you covered.  You also have the option to void, archive or delete an invoice with Chargebee. 

Specify if you want the subscription changes to be effective immediately or from the next billing cycle with Chargebee. Create multiple subscriptions for a customer, one-time add-ons and charges for your customers in Chargebee. You can refund your customers with credit notes that create promotional credit and excess payments for the customers. 

Better Clarity With Accurate Tax Calculations 

When it comes to applying taxes to a subscription during proration, Chargebee takes into account the tax that was applied in the original invoice. This ensures the taxes computed for that subscription is more accurate. The taxes, as well as discounts, get prorated too in the process if they were applied as well.

Chargebee also provides better accounting and tax features-like taking into consideration any proration or taking into consideration the tax that was applied in the original invoice. 

Retain Customers With A Seamless Checkout Flow 

And when it comes to customers checking out on your website, you’d want them to finish their purchase. Chargebee lets you customize your checkout fields and display the checkout in the language of your customer. You can even let your customers manage their own subscriptions through the customer portal-from updating their address, moving to a higher plan or even editing their payment details. 

And to make it more personalized, you can even customize the look and feel of the customer portal. 

With Chargebee, your customer’s entire lifecycle right from subscription creation to accounting and reporting is managed better. 

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