Gift subscriptions would work similar to normal subscriptions. You can create plans just like normal subscription products. If you need, you can name them differently to identify the subscription type (normal or gift).

For a gift subscription, you could change the text on the checkout page, if required. For example, you could say something like "If this is a gift subscription, please add the recipient's email and name" in the "Account Information" section and similarly prompt the customer to add the recipient's shipping address in the "Shipping Address" section.


A sample of the checkout page:


However, the card information would be that of the gift buyer. If needed, once the gift subscription expires, he/she can change the information such as card information etc. Please note that when the invoice is raised, it will be mailed to the gift recipient.

Since the email address is of the recipient's, only the gift recipient will have access to the self-service portal. The gift giver wouldn't have access to the portal.

In case you have enabled “Subscription Created” notifications and if you would like the gift receiver to be notified with a different template other than what the normal customer would receive, you can follow the method below:

  1. Create a custom field and add it to the checkout page where the customer can mention that it is a gift subscription. Say, a checkbox custom field. So, when a customer purchases a gift subscription, they can mark the checkbox and provide the details of the gift receiver.
  2. Now, you will have to edit the subscription template using Mail Merge Fields in such a way that whenever “This is a Gift Subscription” is marked, a different template has to be sent.
  3. Add the Merge tag of the custom field in such a way that it validates the condition and displays the contents within it.



This is a subscription which has been gifted to you!

Hope you enjoy our service :)





We do have plans to explicitly support gift subscription in the future, however, we don't yet have an ETA on when this would be implemented.