If you have a large number customers and subscriptions in Chargebee and you would like to access a particular resource directly without having to filter through your app, we have an option to directly access the corresponding Chargebee details page by constructing an admin console URL.

You could construct URL via API by using the resource(customer/subscription/invoice) ID. The admin console URLs are based on internal ids so you need to construct the URL in the below format.


Here is an example of a constructed URL for a subscription with id 123xyz



  • Accessing the constructed URL in a browser will redirect it to the details page.
  • If you have not yet logged-in into Chargebee's admin console, you will be redirected to the login page.

  • Not all resources will have the corresponding details page. To know if it is supported, please look at the  CURL documentation under the retrieve operation for that resource.

  • Do not store the redirected internal Id based URL as it may change.