How can I import multiple coupons into Chargebee using Bulk operations?

Modified on: Mon, 10 Dec, 2018 at 2:58 PM

If you're looking to copy a bunch of coupons to your Chargebee account, you can use the  “Create Coupons” Bulk Operation function.

For this, go to Settings (Left-side panel) >> Import & export data >> Choose a bulk operation >> Coupons >> and select Create Coupons.

Once you select the Create Coupon operation and click on Proceed, you would need to upload a CSV file with the coupon details.

Download the Sample CSV file available at the left bottom. This file will contain all the necessary columns that are required for performing the operation. You could refer to this link for the possible values and required formats for each the fields in the CSV.  

Fill this file with the required details and upload it.


  • While performing the bulk operation, if you would like to set the coupon to be valid forever, you can leave the coupon[valid_till] field blank in the CSV file.
  • Also, note that the bulk operations are based on APIs, so you need to pass the amount in “cents” and not in dollar value.

For example: If you want the amount to be $1, you'd need to enter 100 in the field.

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