By default, Chargebee collects the setup and subscription fees only during subscription activation.  If you’d like to collect a setup fee for a trial subscription, here’s what you can do:

Scenario: Plan price is $200 with a 14 day trial and a $100 set up fee is $100.

  • Create a $100 plan(with trial period of 2 weeks) and a $200 plan.

  • Let's say $100  is the setup fee and the price of the plan is $200 with 14 day trial.

  • Create a $100 plan(with trial period 2 weeks) and a $200 plan.

  • Let customers subscribe to the $100 plan initially so they will be charged the $100 initial setup fee.

  • Listen to the subscription created webhook and every time a subscription is created, use update subscription API to change the plan of the subscription to the $200 plan with end of term = true. This way the plan of the subscription will be changed to the $200 plan when 2 weeks complete and the customer will be charged $200 and the subscription will renew for $200 going forward.

  • If you aren’t okay with using APIs, you can use Change Subscription ( on the right panel ) of the subscription details page. Using this, you can schedule the subscription change from the the first plan to the second, at the end of the trial period.