How can I add or deduct promotional credits for customers?

Modified on: Tue, 7 May, 2024 at 7:11 PM

There are two ways of doing this -

Via Admin Console (Chargebee app)

  • Go to Subscriptions >> Customers.
  • Find the customer using the search option. 
  • Click the Customer ID to go to the customer details page
  • Click Promotional Credits (on the right panel)
  • Choose to Deduct Or Add.
  • Select Currency type (if applicable).
  • Enter the amount that needs to be added or deducted from the current balance.
  • Enter a description (mostly to record the reason).
  • Click “Update” to complete the action.

Screenshot from Leap UI:

Note: Even for adding new “Promotional Credit”, the UI will say “Update Promotional Credit”

Via APIs

Chargebee’s APIs are supported on multiple language platforms. Listed below is documentation to add and remove promotional credits.

Add/Deduct Promotional credits.

. These credits are more like discounts. They are another form of discount and hence are applied before tax, whereas Adjustment and Refundable Credits are handled the same way as payments and hence applied after tax.
.  Promotional credits will automatically be adjusted to an upcoming invoice if available
. Promotional credits are added to the customer level and will apply to all subscriptions under the respective customer.

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