What’s the difference between Payment Succeeded and Invoice Receipt email notifications? Should I have both enabled?

Modified on: Tue, 26 Feb, 2019 at 5:46 PM

The Invoice Receipt email notification is triggered whenever an invoice is generated in Chargebee. This email is triggered irrespective of the payment status and is sent when a subscription starts, during renewals and also when one-time invoices are created. 

The Payment Succeeded email notification, on the other hand, is only triggered when the payment on an invoice is successful.

Which one do I enable?

It would be suggested that you have the Invoice Receipt email notification enabled, as this gets sent every time an invoice is generated irrespective of the payment status. The invoice has all the details regarding the payments and the status of the invoice. So, the invoice will be generated even when the customers opt for offline payment method. In this case, the Auto-collection would be in OFF mode and the invoice would be in Payment Due status. 

The Payment Succeeded email notification can be enabled if you want customers to be notified exclusively about the event. This email can be useful if you have Offline paying customers. Since the payment is made after the invoice is raised, it will be useful since the customers will be notified that you’ve received the payment from an external source(bank transfer, cash, checks).

These notifications are also useful with Online payments if the payment fails and Dunning is initiated. When the payment succeeds after multiple payment attempts, the customers can be notified with the Payment Successful email notification.

The email notification for Payment successful status can be enabled under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email notifications > Payments & Credits(under Invoices & Payments section) and the Invoice Receipt notification can be found under Settings > Email notifications > Invoice Receipt(under Invoices & Payments section).


If you have both the notifications enabled, in the case of Online payments, both the Invoice Receipt and Payment Succeeded email notification must be triggered at the same time since the payment occurs immediately when an invoice is raised.

However, Chargebee’s Email Prioritization feature will intelligently select only the Invoice Receipt email notification in this case because this notification contains both the invoice and the payment-related information. The prioritization feature is very useful to help avoid spamming the customers with multiple emails for the same action. Here’s more on this.

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