Can I send out email notifications from Chargebee in any language?

Modified on: Wed, 3 Feb, 2021 at 1:47 PM

Chargebee lets you change the text in the email notification template to a language of your choice and the email sent out to customers will render accordingly.

1. The plan, addon and customer names are all in the language that is already configured at the entity level. 
Ex: If the plan name is in French when it is configured in Chargebee, it will be rendered in the email as well. 

2. Also, the merge fields in the email template will need to be the same and will not work if you change them to a different language. 
Ex: The mergevar {{customer.full_name}} should be added as it is and should not be changed based on language.

Refer to ta sample Subscription activated email notification in French:

This email can be configured by going to configure Chargebee-> configure emails-> select the specific email -> click on 'French' or any preferred  language you have added to your site. 

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