To create a user license based subscription model, you’ll can:

  1. Create a flat fee based plan with the base fee as required or if there’s no base fee involved you set the plan price to $0.

  2. Create a recurring ‘quantity’ based add-on with the price for each user/license

Based on the customer’s quantity or number of licenses they select, the appropriate quantity of the add-on can be added to the subscription when it’s being created or edited. Here’s a screenshot on how it's done when creating a subscription through the Chargebee Web Interface:


Selecting quantity on your website:

If you're using our hosted pages for sign ups, you'll need to capture the license quantity and pass it through the hosted page URL to the checkout page.

Read more:

Also, here’s a sample app that demonstrates how an quantity selection is passed to the Chargebee checkout page as addons: