This document is to help you when you want to create a one-time invoice for your customers, without going through the Hosted Pages Checkout process or having them subscribe to a plan.

  1. In case you've not created the customer already, follow the instructions here to create a new customer: Creating a new customer
  2. While creating the Customer, if you plan to collect their Card details using Request Payment Method option, leave it Auto Collection - On. If not, change Auto Collection to Off
  3. Create One Time Charge Invoice: Once the customer has updated their card details, use the Add Charge option on the right hand panel to create an one-off invoice for the customer. You can alternatively use the Create Invoice for Charge API by passing customer_id instead of subscription_id for accomplish this scenario.
  4. Depending on auto collection settings, the invoice would be created either in Paid status or Payment Due status. For Payment Due invoices, click on the Invoice to go Invoice Details page and 
        • Note: If Auto Collection is On, and there's no payment method on file, then the error "Charge operation failed as there is no valid card on file" will be displayed and you won't be able to add the charge. In cases where the payment method is not present, it's recommended to turn off Auto Collection.