What bulk operations can I perform in Chargebee?

Modified on: Sat, 13 May, 2023 at 5:11 PM

Bulk Operations allow you to perform an action for multiple records in one go. It uses a CSV upload method for inputs, which will contain a list of the new data (with the desired changes) that you’d like to perform and Chargebee will perform the change from the back end. Chargebee offers a number of bulk operations to perform different actions on your Chargebee resources. 

You can perform bulk operations for the following entities in Chargebee:

- Subscriptions
- Customers
- Payment Methods
- Promotional Credits
- Invoices
- Credit Notes
- Plans
- Addons
- Coupons
- Addresses
- Comments

To see the list of bulk operations available and to perform one, navigate to Settings >  Import & Export data > Choose a bulk operation. Here choose the entity for which you'd like to perform the operation from the drop-down list.


  • Select the operation that you’d like to perform and click “Proceed”. 
  • Download the sample CSV file
  • Populate the new data (for the current data you can export it from from Chargebee)
  • Import the CSV file to carry out the action.
If you are to perform a bulk operation for existing data from Chargebee you may have to export the data from Chargebee and update those data to the import sheet from Bulk Operations. Earlier the export data format and import data format varied which involves a lot of manual intervention. With the new enhanced Export file option, you can either export a file using Download Data or use Download import-friendly file from Settings > Import & Export Data > Product Catalog. Refer to this link for more information.


  1. The CSV that you upload should be in the format as required for the operation that you’re performing. 
  2. Import And Export format of Chargebee are not the same.
  3. Some fields have dependencies (depending on the action your are carrying out)
  4. You can use the sample CSV file available for download that contains all the required fields(columns) to perform the operation. Once you fill in the data, upload the file and proceed with completing the bulk operation.


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