What happens when I schedule a cancellation?

Modified on: Thu, 17 Jan, 2019 at 12:52 PM

When a subscription is cancelled, all renewals will stop and the subscriptions will move to a "Cancelled" state.  

A subscription can be canceled manually either immediately or at the end of the current billing term. The cancellation can be done via Web Interface or via a API request using the Cancel Subscription API.

When a subscription has been scheduled for cancellation, it is moved to the “Non-Recurring” state(if the subscription is in an active state) and will not be billed further. 

If a subscription is in “Trial”, the status of the subscription will remain the same and will be canceled at the end of the trial period. 


Invoice that are out standing (Not paid, Payment Due) will still remain in the same status until they are Written Off, Voided, Deleted or Paid.

Invoices that are in dunning, payment retries will continue to take place until dunning retries are exhausted.

Other scenarios where a subscription will be cancelled Will be cancelled immediately.

Not Paid (Dunning)

No Card

No Of Billing cycles

Fraud Review Failed

Non Compliant EU Customer

Tax Calculation Failed

Currency incompatible with Gateway

Non Compliant Customer

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